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Over 80 Percent of Quick-Dry Clothing Are Unqualified in Moisture Management Performance

  • Autore:Lisa Zhang
  • Rilasciare il:2017-04-12
In recent years, "moisture quick-drying" clothing are sold well in the market because the rise of fitness activities. But results of inspection for these products are not optimistic. Over 80% of the quick-dry clothing fails the test which means 60% of products are unqualified as Standards required.
Many functional descriptions are hidden in the clothing labels. The quality inspection experts said the so-called moisture management, quick-drying are the functional expressions of clothing. Some products are configured with description of quick-drying and some products are configured with description on the label of moisture management property. There are a few products configured with label described for both quick-drying and moisture management properties. But these performances can not be ensured by labels. When customers got a product with poor moisture management or quick-dry property, they will have to suffer the heat and wet during the outdoor movements or activities. It will cause allergy or inflammation of sweat glands arising from airtight skin and obstruction of pores in that situation.