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Can Synthetic fibers replace cotton?--1

  • Author:stella
  • Source:http://www.eck.com.cn/news/sho
  • Release on :2015-06-25
In China, people's livelihood, cotton, has been valued as a strategic material. Cotton is the most important raw material of cotton, three years before, the proportion of raw cotton in the cotton was still 60 percent or more. However, in recent years, along with cotton and staple gradually widening spreads, as well as the domestic cotton market has been under the control of the policy, the gap between domestic and international cotton prices remain high, resulting in significantly decreased the proportion of domestic cotton, yarn, spinning color yarn, new fiber yarn and the yarn used in a proportion rising. According to statistics, in 2014 domestic non-cotton fiber usage has reached 65%. Even some agencies believe that 2015 January-May national proportion is only 30 percent of cotton, textile raw materials has been dominated by the mainstream.
Cotton comfort, breathability, environmental protection, the advantage is self-evident. However, man-made fiber production and prices of its advantages is gradually expanding market. As people's living standards improve and the man-made fiber technology, innovation, use of the proportion of man-made fibers in the textile industry continued to rise. What is the future? Ten or twenty years, will replace cotton rayon it?
Future to gradually replace the mainstream cotton fibers must be cellulose fibers. Meanwhile, the liquid color adhesive applied to color yarn production, it must be gradually replace the traditional cotton dyeing process direction. If the price is far lower than rayon cotton, performance than cotton, cotton being replaced is normal.