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Can Synthetic fibers replace cotton?--2

  • Author:stella
  • Source:http://www.eck.com.cn/news/sho
  • Release on :2015-06-25
In fact, in textiles, part home textile (such as curtains sand release), cotton fiber is not mainstream. Even in the clothing sector, the proportion of cotton is decreasing year by year. With the development of fiber technology advances, rayon, cotton comfort over sooner or later, and the cellulose fibers, it is most likely to achieve this goal.
Professor Yao Mu once said, we'll get the cellulose fiber materials from nature, it is almost endless, and the cost will be more cheap. Wood, bamboo, hemp and hemp stalk, ocean chitin, and even mushrooms, etc., can get low-cost cellulosic fibers by way of industrialization. Compared with the needs of cotton farmland that advantage is obvious. Even from the comfort of this point to judge, who used Tencel linen consumers, I believe most would think, more comfortable than cotton linens. Of course, the price is very expensive.
Mainland enterprises should be highly concerned about the application and technology developments cellulose fibers. This is the future direction of the mainstream product structure adjustment. The current solution colored fiber technology does have flaws, but I believe that with the development of technological progress, the gradual replacement must be a general direction.