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Knitted fabric pilling

  • Author:stella
  • Source:http://www.eck.com.cn/news/sho
  • Release on :2015-06-25
Recently, Shaoxing Inspection and Quarantine area 4 consecutive batches of knitted fabric pilling due to be returned. After investigation, the four groups were polyester stretch knit fabric cloth, cotton knit dyeing cloth, exporting countries Morocco and the United Kingdom, a total of 379,000 meters, the value of $ 418,900, respectively. Shaoxing Bureau returned all these knitted fabrics to carry out laboratory testing. According to FZ / T72001-2009 polyester knitted fabric standards, these products pilling 3 for qualified products, 4 for Excellence in goods, cotton knit fabric dyeing no corresponding standard, but there are customers required standard. Inspection reports show, polyester stretch knit cloth pilling grade and cotton knit fabric dyeing were raising the level 2 and level 2-3. Thus, the four batches of return pilling fastness ratings do not meet the standard requirements of quality products and customer requirements.
Pilling phenomenon is more common in knits, is an important indicator of quality knitted fabrics. Knitted fabric with its soft, comfortable, body and excellent elastic properties around the world increasingly favored by people, attention knitted fabric pilling performance, improve the quality of fabrics is directly related to business efficiency and the overall reputation of China's knitting industry. Inspection and quarantine department recommends the following aspects related businesses, improve knitted pilling performance: First, pay attention to the selection of raw materials, fiber raw materials of cohesion to be big, but not too much strength, yarn evenness should be uniform; the second is Follow the fabric structure, compact structure as well, the coil vertical and horizontal density should be large; third is to strengthen the dyeing process, according to customer requirements, using the appropriate finishing measures to prevent pilling.