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About knitting

  • Author:Peter
  • Release on :2015-07-01

1. Knitting wool and cotton knit different, it is the direct use of the knitting machine knitting yarn weaving process, from beginning to end a yarn can not continue. Therefore, in this process, workers will use each of knotted yarn connected. Generally speaking, it can not be without a sweater knot, but a good quality sweater, it's always hidden knot in hidden places, such as side seams, underarm this humble place.
2. Quality workmanship sweater another show in the flower pin, inline called apparent shape, often seen in the neck, shoulder hanging. In general, the narrowing or, mouthpiece or, in sweaters, always be more valuable than the copy edges. Some sweaters we open which can be seen, the garment and the junction sleeves are like woven or knitted cotton Khao same, in fact, this must not be classified as the ranks of quality in the field of knitting wool.
3. Sweater into hand hook or hand fighting and woven two types, crochet knitting machine flexible pattern can not be replaced, the low yield, so expensive, hand hook mainly in the Shantou area knitting machine needles commonly used types are: 1.5-gauge, 3-gauge, 5-gauge, 7-gauge, 9-gauge, 12-gauge, 14-gauge, 16-gauge,  etc