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US cotton harvest rains frequently harassed slow progress

  • Author:Peter
  • Source:www.31knit.com
  • Release on :2015-11-03
23-29 October 2015, the United States domestic market seven standard grade average spot price of 60.80 cents / lb, compared with the previous week down 1.04 cents / lb, compared with last year dropped 3.09 cents / lb. When the week, seven US domestic spot market transactions 15,647 package, this year total turnover of 90,717 packets.

Week, US domestic spot prices generally fell, Southeast active buying and selling, in other regions to keep dull, Texas area foreign inquiry in general, demand for South Korea, Indonesia and China Taiwan's best, Pima cotton prices stable, the inquiry light. Southeast United States weather improved, the new cotton harvesting and processing significantly faster, affected the recent heavy rains and floods, the new cotton quality South Carolina and North Carolina, yields greater losses, agricultural losses estimated at 3-10 million; the northern Delta cool and replenish soil moisture favorable rainfall, but cause the harvest work interruption, around the harvest progress between 50-75%; southern delta heavy rainfall and cool weather, the harvest began around ending; heavy rains in southern Texas, harvest processing affected; cooler weather in West Texas, the harvest is completed 28-37%; the western desert region after the first rain and sunshine, harvesting and processing delays; covenant gold area harvested and processed smoothly; pima cotton locally rain, harvest and working normally.