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Cotton prices will rebound

  • Author:Peter
  • Source:www.31knit.com
  • Release on :2015-11-05
From the current perspective, cotton prices will soon hit the bottom, there is likely to rise slightly recently, but currently many uncertainties, time is very difficult to predict a rebound, following are some of the current trends in the market for reference purposes only.
India, Pakistan and China's cotton price close to the bottom, almost reached the government support price, more importantly, the cotton production of the three countries will be reduced.
Cotton prices fell in three countries probability is very small.
Cotton yarn distribution channels inventory at historically low levels, while prices low inventory is a big incentive.
All buyers are required prompt delivery, because there is no inventory.
Cotton prices generally rose in November to next February, because the demand better.
Due to the current low demand, according to the current price of sales losses, India and Pakistan textile operation rate is very low, which may make a corresponding reduction in the supply of cotton yarn.
Huge losses instructions yarn mill price increases and under intense pressure to cut production, the mill has been inadvertently continue a sale.