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Textile machinery combined with the Internet

  • Author:Peter
  • Source:www.31knit.com
  • Release on :2015-12-01
Textile machinery accessories industry can be described as one of the oldest traditional market mechanisms mature industrial entities, but also by the "Industrial Internet revolution," the most influential industry. China reported a statistical survey data show hall, under the impact of Internet commerce and mobile Internet e-commerce, product orders in excess of 60% of the traditional textile machinery parts companies declined the traditional line market, 40% of textile machinery parts companies have begun to try to convergence and mobile providers.
The rapid development of the Internet economy triggered a "Industrial Internet revolution", this bottom-up transformation of economic development of the traditional industrial entities have had unprecedented influence, the most obvious trend is: the traditional business entities have been unable to rely on a single line access to business growth in the market. In response to the "industrial Internet revolution," the impact of the major traditional brick and mortar companies are looking for new ways to ensure the effective growth of enterprise economy.