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How to Choose Textile Products for Infants and Children?

  • Author:Lisa Zhang
  • Release on :2017-04-11
Many moms prefer the colorful garments than the plain ones. But when you choose the colorful clothing, you have to pay more attention on the dyeing quality and colorfastness performance, such as colorfastness to water, colorfastness to perspiration or the colorfastness to saliva, especially for the infants. The dye molecule may be absorbed by skin if they have poor colorfastness performance and easy to decolorize.
The textile with coating or paint dyeing is easy to find in the market. These products have more security risks. Children usually would love to put items in their mouths. For the new Chinese standard for infants and children textile products, there are new requirements for six plasticizers and heavy metal to reduce the risks from these coating materials.