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"Xinning biological" so that the success of corn "deformation

  • Author:Lisa Zhang
  • Release on :2017-04-26
Corn in addition to eat, but also what? Not yet in contact with the new Ning biological company, really do not know the corn can be made of fiber, but will not know how amazing this fiber.
"Including our clothing, engineering plastics, medical materials, agricultural film and other daily life, industry, agriculture and other fields, and even 3D printing plastics and other high-tech fields, are corn turned from." Into the Binhai Industrial Zone Zhejiang Xinning Biomaterials Co., Ltd., let people brain open.
Corn fiber, also known as polylactic acid fiber, PLA fiber, is corn, cassava and other starch as raw material, the fermentation into lactic acid and then by polymerization, spinning and made of synthetic fiber. Because of its renewable, biodegradable, corn fiber is recommended by many experts as "the 21st century environmental recycling new materials", is a very promising development of ecological fiber.