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"Xinning biological" so that the success of corn "deformation

Corn in addition to eat, but also what? Not yet in contact with the new Ning biological company, really do not know the corn can be made of fiber, but...

Groz-Beckert to exhibit latest innovations for knitting at Techtextil

Groz-Beckert, a leading provider of industrial machine needles, precision parts and fine tools, as well as systems and services for the production and...

Spider Silk: The Super Material of the Future

Spider silk is very tough, stronger than steel, and resistant to tear than Kevlar fiber. Although humans can be relatively easy to pass through the sp...

Fitcode & AG Partnership Will Help Iconic Denim Brand Drive Sales And Cut Returns

SEATTLE — April 5, 2017 — A revolutionary new fit-focused shopping experience enabled by Fitcode, a fashion-data company that specializes in women’...

Over 80 Percent of Quick-Dry Clothing Are Unqualified in Moisture Management Performance

In recent years, "moisture quick-drying" clothing are sold well in the market because the rise of fitness activities. But results of inspection for th...

How to Choose Textile Products for Infants and Children?

Many moms prefer the colorful garments than the plain ones. But when you choose the colorful clothing, you have to pay more attention on the dyeing qu...

Old Clothes will Be Able to "Melt" and Recycled

Most of the people will always be out of a large number of old clothes, these old clothes will eventually be discarded in the landfill. Now the Scient...

The new environmentally friendly yarn dyeing process can reduce waste and water consumption

We are SpinDye has created a new process for dyeing synthetic fibers that reduces waste water pollution without sacrificing the quality or color of th...
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Кита Мальчик красивый Интарсия полосы пуловеры экспортером

Мальчик красивый Интарсия полосы пуловеры

Кита Мальчик вышивка и печать логотипа половина кардиган экспортером

Мальчик вышивка и печать логотипа половина кардиган

Кита большая полоса полуоткрытым пуловеры мальчика экспортером

большая полоса полуоткрытым пуловеры мальчика

Кита girl's pullover with jacquard heart экспортером

girl's pullover with jacquard heart

Кита children cardigan with handmade flowers экспортером

children cardigan with handmade flowers

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О нас1.55 наборы 3/5/7gauge, и 12gauge вязальных машин.
2. экспорт в США, Канада
3. экспорт в Германии, Великобритании, Франции, Испании, Италии, FINLAN, Польша
5. принимает малый заказ 200pcs за стиль

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